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Jenny Lampz

Garland, Texas-based artist, Jenny Lampz is a Filipino American rapper. Her music is reflective of her real-life experiences and strong Christian beliefs, which are made apparent in many of her works. As an artist, Jenny chooses to use her abilities in writing and rhythm to provide her audience with music that not only “hits hard,” but also allows listeners to shift their mindsets to grow and build. 

Retreat Jenny Lampz
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Oscar DeLoera Lopez, known professionally as OD, is an American rapper, singer songwriter from Oklahoma City, OK. He has 6 singles since 2021, and is releasing his next EP “The Zoo” on May 5th 2024.

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Santos Roblez, known professionally as Roblez, is an american rapper, singer and songwriter from Dallas, TX. He has released 12 singles since 2021, and recently released his Debut EP "The Struggle Is Beautiful" on December 22nd 2023.

Going Through Things Roblez
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Panama city, Panama native Seihara Major grew up influenced by all genres of music. She started her musical journey as a child performing in musicals, small plays, showcases, and talent shows. She picked up poetry, songwriting, orchestra, and self trained in piano throughout her pre-teenage years. Finally she debuted her first single "I Wish I Were You" in 2021 under the name Seihara. She has released floating singles from the release of "I Wish I Were You" until Spetember of 2023 when she relased her debut EP "WINGZ".

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